Book Review: Beauty From Pain

Disclaimer: My book reviews aren’t your normal book reviews. There will be an overall opinion of the book, but it will have my likes and dislikes from a writer point of view i.e. whether this would be something I would do in my own personal writing or not and why.

So this book I actually read probably a year ago when I was still going to college and it sounded it interesting to me. One of the main characters, Jack, he didn’t do relationships and upon reading I found out he hadn’t been in a relationship for about four years. He was a very successful winemaker so one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors, but he felt that they only wanted to be with him for his money. So his typical type was blondes, he wouldn’t do names, and the relationship would last only 3-4 weeks and then it was over. No contact after that at all but its not like you could anyway you never got him number.So one day he decides something different he wants to do a longer relationship with a brunette instead and then that’s when he meets Laurelyn.

Laurelyn is an American musician taking a leave of absences from her music career after some drama with her now ex-boyfriend. She takes this trip to Australia with her best friend, Addison, who is also visiting brother, Ben. After Laurelyn sings in a bar she for a moment meets Jack who then later meets up with her again at a college wine tasting event. By the end of it he has asked her on a date.

One that date Jack explains what he wants, the type of relationship he is looking for. After a lot of convincing from Jack and from her best friend, Addison, Laurelyn eventually agrees.

This story in all honest was good enough for me to not only read it twice, but to recommend it to my mom and to get it and the next to books as physical copies. I love the flipping back and forth between Jack and Laurelyn’s point of view. It was a real good choice on the authors part and gave the feeling in your chest were you are just internally or externally yelling wanting the two characters to be together.

The way that the book seemed to be written felt like the author, Georgia Cates, planned it out in the sense of what character played what part in the story and how that would either aid or hinder the characters and it was done in a way that made it seem like believable events.

By the end of the story I found myself skimming through the scenes that involved sex because I cared more about finding out what was going to happen next with the characters so for my own personal writing if that is how it seems to get I may just skip out on it or make it a characters want to have one last go and even then I may skip that.

Overall this is definitely a book I would recommend at least trying out.

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