5 Animals Picked Up by Tornados


In Agusan del Sur, in the Philippines, had dozens of 3-inch mudfish rain from the sky. Years later in Lajamanu, Australia, perch began falling from the sky by the hundreds. Many of them were still alive and flopping after they landed.


Rains of frogs have been documented as far back as the third century AD. The Greek author Athenaeus, quoting the historian Heraclides Lembus, wrote: “In Paconia and Dardania it has, they say, before now rained frogs… So great has been the number of these frogs that the houses and the roads have been full of them.” In 2005, frogs falling from the sky were reported in the Serbian town of Odzaci.


According to a report in 1894 out of Bath, England, jellyfish, roughly the size of a shilling, apparently rained by the thousands.


In Jennings, La., in July 2007, shortly after a waterspout was reported 5 miles from town. The worms reportedly came down in slithering, tangled clumps.


According to a report from 1887 in the New York Times : “Dr. J. L. Smith, of Silverton Township, while opening up a new turpentine farm, noticed something fall to the ground and commence to crawl toward the tent where he was sitting. On examining the object he found it to be an alligator.”

Smith went on to find himself surrounded by eight alligators in total, which had apparently been dropped from the sky by a distant waterspout.



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