$50 Is Barely Enough For 2 // Diary of a Call Center Agent

So I get a transfer from our fraud department saying he has a customer on the line wanting to work with me about a past due fee that he shouldn’t have received because he was set up on autopay. Okay sure go ahead get him over I can help, its no big deal. The fraud rep does a warm transfer and then the guy starts screaming at me saying that this is all our fault that his autopay isn’t set up anymore and if it gets reported to the credit bureau  that he is going to sue us. He is wanting to know what happened to his autopay. So I apologize tell him I will look into then put him on hold. I read through all the notes on the account can’t find what happened to the autopay, saw that it was cancelled can’t figure out why. I pull someone over and they look through the notes with me all we can find are notes from fraud and disputes daily for like the last 3 months.

After looking through everything, I get back on the line with him tell him we can get the autopay set up, cover his late fee and that we haven’t reported to the credit bureau yet.

I finally finished getting the account back up I read through the disclosures and then he starts telling me about a charge he got. The charge was from a place where he rented some machinery and he was charge because part of it hadn’t be returned. He stated that when they gave it to him wife the item wasn’t there, so I agree sounds like something went wrong there, but while he was telling me that story he said (as close as I can get):

“It’s not about the money at this point, it’s about the principle. $50 is $50, but the principle of the $50. $50 is nothing anymore you can’t even buy lunch for 2 people with $50 anymore…”

Where are you eating?

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