Diary of a Call Center Agent

Me: Thank you for calling. My name is AJ, can I get your first and last name please?

Customer: (Says Name)

Me: How are you doing today?

Customer: I’m freaking out, I am getting really stressed out and I’m hoping you can help me.

Me: Okay, what’s going on?

Customer: Every time I try to make a payment with a debit card payment in the automated system it keeps saying that it is going to transfer me to a representative. I just want to make a payment.

Me: Okay well if you have a bank account number and routing number I can help make the payment for you, but if you want to make the payment with a debit card you can do that online or with our automated system.

Customer: Why can’t you take my payment.

Me: As of August 11, agents over the phone are unable to take debit card payments, but you guess still have the option of doing it online or in the automated system. I do know that the automated system can be sensitive and I recommend if you can mute your phone and manually type in the numbers of your credit card and debit card that way it doesn’t pick up any background noise and send you back to us.

Customer: There is no noise over here!

(Both customer and I are silent and all you hear is noise in the background).

Me: Okay, I was just trying to make a suggestion if that was the case.

Customer: (Starts reading off debit card number).

Me: Ma’am I’m sorry, but I can’t take you payment if you are going to use a debit card.

Customers: Why? Does someone have a gun to your head?

Me: No, we just don’t have access anymore. You can do it online or through the automated system.

Customer: I just won’t make my payment. (Customer hangs up).

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