Book Review: A SEAL’s Seduction

Disclaimer: My book reviews aren’t your normal book reviews. There will be an overall opinion of the book, but it will have my likes and dislikes from a writer point of view i.e. whether this would be something I would do in my own personal writing or not and why.

A SEAL’s Seduction was overall a really good book. I enjoyed it. I liked both the main characters, Blake and Alexia, the book didn’t really have any dry or hard to read parts just because it got boring or slowed down to much which was really nice. The story itself was interesting being that she is the daughter of a military father and had a distaste for military men then ends having feelings for Blake who is a currently serving as a SEAL. He chooses to not tell her is job career and even avoids talking about it with her, which causes conflict later when she finds out. The twist shortly following was good and I definitely didn’t expect it. I personally recommend this book.

For my writer likes, my favorite thing was actually the rotating between the characters points of view. I have always liked the idea of getting to read the story from not only a different point of view,but different genders point of views.

For my writer dislikes, I found it hard to read some of the sex scenes only because some of the thoughts that occurred during those scenes didn’t seem to be thoughts that I would think occur during sex. For example, in the first scene on the beach it seems like he is thinking back to some training from the military and how that it didn’t prepare him for sex with Alexia, to me it just seem weird and didn’t make sense. I also felt that the ending was lacking, yes it made it clear that they left and decided to get back together, but I felt that there could have been more.

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