Opinions When Money is Involved

Its interesting to watch and listen to people.

Its interesting to watch and listen to people in certain situations.

Recently, I spoke with an old co-worker about her job, this was a place I was contemplating working at, my old co-worker went on and on about how much she loved there and what she did. So I went through with getting the job, however when her old job offered her more money her current job became the worst. One thing she stated was that they screwed her out of her promotion, but when I asked her about she said that all she needed to do was correct her attendance before they could promote her.

After going through orientation and a week now in training, this place sounds great. They want to help people and they want to help their employees.  There are even people who left to a job that paid more and came back because they enjoyed there job here.

Obviously I don’t know my old co-workers whole story. I don’t know exactly what happen, but for her it seemed like money was what plan a factor into her opinion. Make me  wonder how much money really does influence people…

I hope that when any of you are looking into jobs, that you choose a job that will make you happy even if the pay is better someone else it may not be as worth it if you dread going to work on a daily basis.

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