Giggles of the Day #1

So the other day in my training class a lady was asking me for help, okay sure no problem, I showed her how to search the information she needed. I didn’t realize that she also didn’t hear the information that needed to be written down so that she can find the information again.

Keep in mind we are on laptops doing our training and she notates everything in a notebook.

Me: Okay, put in the SSN.

Her: Where?

Me: Where it says SSN.

Her: Where is that?

Me: On the screen, in the middle?

Her: Okay thank you my dear.

… She puts in the social.

Her: Okay now what?

Me: Hit next.

Her: Okay

… She hits next and it loads an account

Her: It won’t let me put the social in again.

Me: You need to put in the date of birth now.

Her: Okay… Now what?

Me: Hit next.

… Account loads

Me: Make sure you write down the Passcode.

Her: Where do I find that?

Me: Where it says Passcode.

Her: Oh okay, I see it. What do I do with it?

Me: Write it down.

Her: Where?

Me: On the paper.

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