Scars and Bruises Part 7 of 7 (Short Story)

1 month earlier

“I need to stay home today Aaron. I have a big test coming up this week that I need to study for.”

“Why don’t we work on homework together then? That way I can still spend time with you.” Aaron said giving me a kiss in the cheek.

It was so hard to say no when he did sweet things like that. “Sure that’s fine. I just really need to focus, okay?”

“Okay. I understand.” He said.


Aaron and I had taken our seats at the dinner table and started working on our homework. After a few minutes Aaron decided to start kissing up and down my neck.

“Aaron please I am trying to study.”

“I honestly don’t even know why I am with you anymore! There are plenty of girls that would be willing to do anything for me and all you care about is yourself! You are the reason this relationship is falling apart!” He screamed.

“Stop yelling at me!”

He grabbed my throat, “I told you not to talk back to me!”

At the moment my body went airborne as I crashed into the wall. The back of my head hit the wall first then was shortly followed by the side of my head cracking against the floor then everything went black.

When I came to I was still in the same place I was when I hit the floor and Aaron was hovering above me.

“Alex… I’m so sorry.” He said cradling me in his arms once again and laid me on the couch.

Present Day

Local student admitted to hospital after her boyfriend attempted to murder her by driving his truck into a lake. She is suffering from a cracked skull, severe bruising to her torso, neck, and arms, and several broken ribs. Doctors say she is expected to make a full recovery. The boyfriend has been scheduled to stand trial next week.


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