Scars and Bruises Part 2 of 7 (Short Story)

7 months earlier

“Vanessa! Tony! Guess what just happen! You aren’t going to believe it!” I shouted running over to my two best friends.

Vanessa laughed, “What is it Alex?”

“You know that really hot football player?”

“The one with brown or blonde hair?” Vanessa asked.

“Come on Vanessa, did you really need to ask? Alex has been gushing over the one with brown hair since the beginning of junior year.”

“Alex that was last year! Did it really take you a year to tell him you like him?”

“I didn’t have to tell him! He asked me homecoming!”

“Congrats.” Vanessa and Tony responded.

Vanessa smiled, “That’s great, I’m glad you’re going to your senior homecoming. I was afraid you weren’t going to come.”

“Well I had a dress, but…”

“Nope we are going dress shopping today! Tony you’re coming.” Vanessa interjected.

“What? Why?” Tony asked.

“I’ll go Tony you don’t have too.” A different voice joined in to the conversation.

Turning over my shoulder, I found Aaron standing behind me.

Taking my hand in his, he kissed it softly “I would like nothing more than to take my beautiful date out shopping for her dress.” He smiled, “And let’s not forget her very pretty best friend.”

Vanessa and I giggled.

I, without a doubt, had the best date to homecoming in the history of homecomings.


The music was loud as it pulsed through the school’s gym. The gym had been decorated with an enchanted theme. Flowers glowed along the floor and green lights lined the dance floor. The fountain was filled with lights and a blue drink to simulate water. The best part was the date I had. After dress shopping, he dropped me off at home, and then returned later with a beautiful purple and blue corsage.

“Ready?” He said extending his hand out.

Smiling widely I took his hand.


People easily move out of our way as we made our way to the dance floor. A few of the cheerleaders glared at me and a few other girls still drooled even though I was there. Even the occasional guy would stare at me as I walked past with Aaron. It felt like me and Aaron were the most important things in the room.

Once arriving at the center of the dance floor Aaron and I dance for what felt like hours, he would pick me up and spin me around and all I could do was smile and giggle.

“Why don’t we go take a break and I will get you something to drink?” Aaron asked.

“Sounds great.”

After finding a place to sit he pulled me chair out for me, kissed my cheek then said he would be back. I couldn’t help but smile, Aaron was so sweet and such a gentlemen. Suddenly a cold chill went down my back and my hair was drenched.

“Stay away from Aaron!” The cheerleaders had ambushed me.

Aaron rushed to my side as I began to cry. He scooped me in his arms and carried me to his truck. We sat there quietly for a while, but eventually he started the truck and started driving.

“Alex,” He said softly grabbing my hand.

I said nothing, I was too embarrassed.

After arriving at my house he opened the truck door for me, I stepped out began slowly walking towards my front door.

“Alex, please wait.” Aaron said grabbing my hand to stop me.

I looked like a mess, my hair was soaked, flat, and lifeless, and my mascara was smeared and was running down my face. I avoided looking at him.

“I’m so sorry that the cheerleaders did that,” Aaron began talking, “But I just wanted you to know that I had an amazing night with you and I want to have more amazing nights with you.” He cupped my chin and brought his lips to mine.

His kiss was soft and gentle; I could feel the butterflies explode in my stomach.

“Alex, when I first saw you last year I knew right then and there that you were somebody I wanted to know and the more I learned about you the more I fell in love in you.”

I was speechless.

“Alex, I am in love with you and it would mean so much to me if you would be my girlfriend.” Aaron smiled down at me.

Overwhelmed with emotion all I could do was nod my head yes.

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