Erza’s Journal: Day Four

My morning was dark, except for the glow of my fire, I woke up before the dawn. Mildly chilly, I threw more wood and thatch into my fire as I waited for the sun to rise. My barely built hut gave little shelter, but it kept me off the ground and gave me a perfect view of the beautiful scenery around me. The sky was almost picture perfect. Light pinks and sky blues flooded from behind mountains as the sun climbed up. The puffs of the clouds started to shrink beneath the sun’s blazing heat.

Down by the beach I noticed a Terrorbird start running straight for a Trike. The Trike didn’t see this coming and was bit on the tail by the cocky beast. The Trike turned and charged the Terrorbird and with a powerful shove sent it flying in the opposite direction. The Terrorbird didn’t get up and the Trike seemed to go back to its morning search for food. This was my chance to harvest some meat for breakfast. Running down with my ax I located the Terrorbirds lifeless body and I began to gather pieces for myself. The corpse had arrows in him… was there someone else on this island too?!

I carried the meat chunks back up to my shelter and started cooking them pieces by piece, but my mind was still racing. Was it possible that someone else was on this island? Why haven’t I seen them yet? Where could they be? I need to find them.

After devouring a few my unearned meal, I set the rest aside hoping nothing else would find my food before I got a chance to eat more. I spent the rest of my morning collecting more wood, fiber, and thatch. Eating a few berries here and there to help quench my thirst. I managed to construct several walls before a noise in the distance distracted me. It sounded like soft steps, lots of them, but they moved very quickly. I hide behind my new constructions, peering out to see if I could gaze upon the source of this noise. I tried to make spears in between looking periods when I finally saw it, a giant scorpion!

It was large enough to ride, it was quick and appeared to be able to turn on a dime. This was not something I wanted to mess with, not now at least. Keeping my distance I began throwing spears at it, then it charged straight for me. I landed nine spears in, but it still continued to chase me. I swung my pick ax into its body over and over, but longer I fought with the more exhausted I felt. Finally, the creature fell. My vision was blurred, I was exhausted and seeing stars. Finally everything around me faded into nothing.

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