Change is Hard. We All Know That.

I took some time off from blogging, but I’m back now. Recently I had decided to find a new job and leave my old one.  I was able to find a new job, but at first I wasn’t excited for it. I loved my job, at least I thought I did. I knew that I, without a doubt, loved the people I worked with. My boss was great and all my coworkers were wonderful, all of best friends were there. For me, at that point, my job was tolerable. I did tier two tech support, international tech, and customer care for Verizon Wireless. It wasn’t hard, at least the tech part wasn’t, but dealing with the people who called in was the hard part.

When people would call in to us it was because something was wrong with their Verizon Wireless device and then we had a process to follow, understand was going on, empathize and then over the phone walk the customer through fixing it.

We had so many different types of people who called in to us. We had people who knew absolutely nothing about there smartphone, some people who knew the basic functions of it, people who thought they knew everything about it, some people that knew everything about it, some people had such thick accents they were nearly impossible to understand, we had people who would yell and scream and curse at us, and then we did have some really great people to talk.

After working there for over a year you learn just about everything there is for troubleshooting in and out of the country, you know how to talk to people, how to get them to understand the why you are providing the options you are, and why you are the last person they can talk to who can help them.

Everything that I just explained was almost a daily thing, it was knew for me to get told to “shut the fuck up” or have someone yelling at me “this is fucking bullshit”. None of this mattered to me, my friends were great, complain a little then joke and keep going.

Once I was finally put in my two weeks I felt relieved from stress, but I was sad I didn’t want to leave my friends. I knew I was going to a job with more pay and easier bonus metrics. I did cry about leaving a few times, I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave at times.

As it got closer to the end of my two weeks I found it harder and harder to deal with the people that called in for help.  My patience was wearing thin, is the best way to put it. I knew my job sucked at that point and I wanted to leave.

On my last day I was given hugs from my friends, told I was going to be missed, and when I received a card signed by my boss and all my friends I cried a bit.

Change is hard, we all know that. Most people don’t like change, I don’t like change. This change I’m hoping something good is going to come out of it other than better pay and the easier bonus metrics. I want to better myself when I get there, get a promotion and get paid more. That’s my goal to make it a change for the better.

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