Erza’s Journal: Day Three

Why am I here? Why can’t I remember anything? It’s apparent I am decently smart, with my intuitive survival skills and vast knowledge of dinosaur species… Who was I?

It finally stopped raining by the time the sun came up, which was nice between the nights on their own become cold and the rain, if it wasn’t for my campfire, may have frozen me to death last night. It was a apparent I had to be careful and plan better for this harsh environment.

I started my morning by trying to find some berries for a quick meal. As I harvested the berries I noticed how flexible and strong the leaves on the berry bushes were. I gathered several trips worth of the leaves and stitched them together to make myself pants and a shirt to wear.

Now that I have something to keep me warm I need to build a shelter, after last night I definitely don’t want to spend another night outside. I spent the morning and most of my afternoon collecting the need materials to start. I was able to shred the leaves into a rope-like fiber so that I could tie the thatch and wood together.

As I was collecting more leaves a Stego had walked up to me. This seemingly gentle giant just walked around a few times stopping once or twice to look me up and down then walked only a few steps away. With his back to me, he started eating. I couldn’t help, but notice the six large spikes at the end of his tail. He had extremely colorful plates on his back and a sharp beak-like mouth. The Stego seemed to have no fear of me, I wonder, with some trust could this dinosaur actual be useful to me? I want to test this thought out with something smaller perhaps, a Dodo or a Lystro?

After constructing foundation and a few flimsy walls, I started my campfire. As night began to fall in the distance I saw a red aura. At a walking pace it moved in different directions, but never came closer. I decided to get closer to it, keeping my torch and spear handy, but stayed close to rocks to avoid detection. Once I was close enough I could tell that this was a Carno, but it was different. The aura definitely gave off the impression that it was strong, most likely more aggressive than the average Carno. Keeping my distance, I stayed out of site for the rest of the night. I laid down by my campfire and covered myself with huge leaves, hoping that it would hide me from anything that would want to eat me.

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