Castlestorm Game Review

Castlestorm starts off with a still frame story presentation about what happened between two civilizations. Based on color and appearances there was good guys and bad guys, but there was no memorable classification as to who/what they were.

After the presentation, the game drops you into a current battle. Giving you a basic how to play and an introduction to the main character on the blue side. Then for the most part you are on your own, the main menu was a little difficult to navigate, such as being difficult to determine the side missions and the main story missions.

The archery part of the game was also quiet difficult, without a solid or more easier to see prediction line. Some missions had it while others didn’t at and with the difficulty to collect gold it makes the game feel like you have to grind for it.

All in all with the type of game play and gold collecting, made this a game I didn’t want to try finishing. It was more of a time waster.

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