Erza’s Journal: Day Two

The day started early, just as the sun was coming up, I began my search for food. Unfortunately for me, my campfire wasn’t near any plant life so I had to walk to try and find some. Further down I was able to locate a Trike grazing on some berries. It didn’t seem to mind that I was there, but I kept my distance and began to gather berries. I found several different types of berries:

Amarberry– yellow berry, when consumed minimally quenches hunger and thirst
Mejoberry– purple berry, when consumed minimally quenches hunger and thirst, herbivors seem to like this one the most
Azulberry– blue berry, when consumed minimally quenches hunger and thirst
Narcoberry– black berry, when consumed minimally quenches hunger, but made me feel fatigued if I ate to many
Tintoberry– red berry, when consumed minimally quenches hunger and thirst
Stimberry– white berry, when consumed minimally quenches hunger and provide a short burst of energy (caffeine???), but causes dehydration if too many are consumed.


While harvesting berries and fiber a raging thunder and lightning storm rolled. After adjusting to the flashing sky and rain a Carno suddenly attacked the nearby Trike. I immediately sprinted away hoping he didn’t see me. I hid behind the rock next to my campfire. I peered out to see where he was, he had just finished fighting the Trike and was walking my direction, I wasn’t sure if he knew I was there or not so I ran behind nearby Trike then moving further away when I saw a Brontosaur. I swiftly moved toward him until I was directly under him. I watched as the Carno attacked Dodo birds on the beach along with a Utahraptor. I crouched down trying to be as small as possible, I didn’t want to die here and not like this.

The Raptor started heading the opposite direction of the Carno and the Carno was chasing a Dodo towards me and the Bronto. The Bronto started to stomp in fear of being squished I bolted. Looking back, it looks the Carno may have nipped or spooked the Bronto, but now they were fighting. The Carno didn’t last long, he fell to the ground after a few swings from the Bronto’s tail.  I took this moment to breathe, but that didn’t last long as I saw the raptor now heading my direction. Once again the Bronto preemptively swung his tail into the Raptor. The Raptor collapsed after one swing of the Bronto’s tail. It was an amazing sight to see, and finally the rain had stopped.

At this point I have traveled to far from my campfire and must find a new place. I walked down the beach making sure there are no more carnivores around. I had finally reached a spot with what seemed to be non-aggressive dinosaurs. This area was covered with Trikes, Phiomias, Pteradons, Gallimimus, Stegosaurus,  Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurs, and Brontos. Here is were my new camp would be.

The berries didn’t provide enough sustenance to maintain this kind of life style, I needed meat. I gathered the necessary materials to construct a new campfire then I grabbed my spear to search for food. Down by the beach, I first scouted the shore line looking for fish, when suddenly heard a shrill, a Dilophosaurus was heading straight for me! I threw my spear straight into the small dinosaurs shoulder, but it still continued to chase me. I pulled out my stone ax and started to swing frantically. Finally the creature dropped to the ground in defeat, I killed it. Dragging it to my campfire I placed in pieces of meat in the pit then lit the fire. I finally had a decent meal.

Night fell once again, another raging thunder and lightning storm rolled. I spent the night outside in the cold crafting more spears as it has become apparent even the smallest dinosaurs are proving to be a challenge.

Tomorrow I will start building a shelter.

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