Erza’s Journal: Day One

My name is Erza and that’s all I know… Today I woke up naked on the beach. I noticed something implanted in my wrist, it itches. As I stand up I see a small… dinosaur? Wait, dinosaur? They don’t exist anymore, but here I am starring at a Compy. As I looked around and found myself surrounded by Trikes, Dodo Birds, Lystrosaurus, and a few Carbonemys. As I look in the distance I see a large aggressive dinosaur, it looks like a Carnotaurus. I immediately hide behind some nearby rocks. I watched him from a distance until he stomped away and I started sprinting the opposite direction. I ran through a group of Dodos and Lystros as I hurried to gather my needed materials; rocks, flint, wood, and thatch.

I first crafted a stone pick, with this I was able to easily gather flint from large rocks and thatch from trees. Then I crafted a torch. The sun was starting to set and the fireflies were starting to shine. I quickly crafted a campfire behind some large rocks to hide from the raptor I saw not far down the beach.

As dangerous as this place seemed it was stunningly beautiful at the same time. I stayed hidden next to my fire for the remainder of the night. I crafted a spear and a stone ax by morning.

Now I must find food.

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