Diary of a Call Center Agent

Me: Thank you for calling, my name is AJ can I get your first and last name please?

Customer: (Says Name)

Me: Thank you and what can I help you with today?

Customer: I need to make a payment.

Me: Okay no problem, how would you like to make it?

Customer: With my debit card.

Me: I do apologize as of August 11th agent over the phone are unable to take debit card payment, this for you guys security, but you are still able to make them in the automated system, online, or through the mobile app. If you would I am able to take the payment using an account and routing number.

Customer: No thanks, I’ll just mail it in.

Me. Okay, well is there anything else I can help you with?

Customer: No thanks.

Me: Okay well thank you for calling have a wonderful day.

Customer: Thanks, bye.

Me: (Waits for customer to hang up).

Customer: Fuckin’ Asshole. (Then hangs up phone).

Me: (Laughs for the next 10 minutes).

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