A Writers Self-Esteem

I know, I know this isn’t something we want to talk about because a lot of writers do and all of us have it to different degrees. Back in college  did a paper about writers self-esteem, not the easiest paper do since there were little to nothing for psychology studies on it, but whatever. Anyways I had a chance to talk to a few different author, all at different points in their writing, about how they felt when it came to their writing.

Madison Sevier is a romance author with Secret Cravings publishing. Sevier has gotten several published books, but she didn’t have an easy start. “It was almost 30 years after I’d first written anything that I finally had the guts to follow my dreams.” Sevier hid away that part of her life feeling that her writing wasn’t important. Finally in 2011 she tried submitting her stories to publishers. Her wonderful support system was what really helped her, “A few years ago, my husband and daughter were the driving force that propelled me off of the “cliff”. They believed in me and that made me look for a publisher who’d be willing to take a chance on my stories.”


Jane Doe is another writer. She has several stories ideas and two stories that she has started writing, but has barely shared what she has written with anyone. Jane Doe feels that what she writes isn’t good enough, that it’s never fully ready to be shared, like there is always something she could add to make it better. Listening to Jane Doe talk about her writing, she spoke as though writing meant more to her than just something to do in her free time writing, it is something that is very personal to her.

Jane Doe talk about how after sharing a story she was working on with somebody they laughed they said they thought it was cute how into the story she was. After that she didn’t write for a while, she felt that anything she wrote wouldn’t be taken seriously. Up until recently she hadn’t written anything for months.

Jane Doe is another example of self-esteem dictating who she shares her writing with. Currently there is now only one person who has heard her ideas for her stories, but they have never read anything she has written. Even though she has stopped sharing she still wants to be a published writer.

We all want to writer, strike that we all are writers. To what degree we want to go with that is our own choice, but for any writer to improve their skills it is best to share it. Start off with someone you trust someone who will give you some criticism, but not  vomit all over it. Then eventually move up to someone who will vomit all over it and never be stubborn take what they are saying into consideration. All writers are perfectionist, its just who we are, but like I said if you want to improve be open and willing to listen to criticism it’s meant to help you not to hurt you.

“You must want to enough. Enough to take all the rejections, enough to pay the price of disappointment and discouragement while you are learning. Like any other artist you must learn your craft-then you can add all the genius you like.”

– Phyllis A. Whitney

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